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A healthy, loving relationship takes time, attention and effort. By helping couples realise what’s unspoken in the relationship, couple counselling can re-establish an open and honest, calm and loving connection.

Whether your relationship is simply not what it used to be, or you are close to parting, a breakdown does not have to mean a break up. Finding love again in your existing relationship is possible.

It may be small, niggly things impacting your relationship or it may be that your relationship is close to ending and you want to try one last time to stay together. You may have had a relationship end badly and want to get help for future relationships.

Often the stresses of life together – be it money, family, children, loss or trauma – put huge strain on relationships. Sometimes issues from childhood are carried through to adulthood. Communicating together can mean it’s possible to feel happy and fulfilled together again. Your therapist can help you resolve anger and hurt, conflict and frustration, showing you how to talk and listen to each other.

Couples counselling is held at The Therapy Room in Northampton. A safe, calm and balanced environment where couples can take time together, couples therapy can restore a healthy loving relationship. For a session of 50-60 minutes per couple, £85.00 is payable at the end of the session. 80-90 minute sessions are also available at £110.00 per couple.

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